Benefits of Professional Canon Photocopier Repairs

Your Canon photocopiers are backed by warranty by Canon Inc so when they break down, you should be catered for in order to prevent any inconveniences on your business. However, that is not always feasible for a variety of reasons and there are many instances when you will need professional Canon photocopier repairs by an authorized and professional service centre to cater for your machines and minimize business interruptions as much as possible.

Whenever your Canon photocopier breaks down, you want to ensure that it is fixed as soon as possible and at reasonable pricing. There are Canon photocopier repairs businesses that can guarantee you incredible response times to meet your copier repairs needs. Some will offer you 4 hour response times guarantees or even 8 hour response time guarantees that ensure that any potential disruptions are kept at an absolute minimum. With excellent Canon photocopier repairs services, you will be able to have an excellent peace of mind on Your Canon copier repairs knowing that they are in safe hands and are being serviced by highly qualified and well trained technicians using genuine and good quality copier parts.

Canon photocopier repairs

There are various benefits that you can get by having your Canon photocopier repairs in Sydney serviced by a licensed and certified professional. These include the following:

You can get a fixed price repairs

It is easy to manage your costs if you are dealing with a professional Canon photocopier repairs specialist. With fixed price repairs, you are able to pay a pre-determined cost no matter the time it takes to service your copiers which prevents costs from bursting through the roof.

Get high quality and affordable copier parts

With professional Canon photocopier repairs, you will be able to get genuine and high quality parts for your copiers at the most reasonable pricing. Professional copier repair companies generally have the buying power and they can pass on the savings to the end consumers thus helping you save money in the process through competitive pricing. Good quality parts will also ensure that your copier operates for the longer term and you will not need costly machine replacements any time soon.

Fast response times

Get quick responses on your emergencies from reliable engineers and technicians who are both courteous and professional.  On premium services, you are able to get even shorter response times on your inquiries. Your copiers will be repaired speedily and efficiently to help keep them in top operating condition.

Service loans

If you cannot afford to go without your copiers, professional repairs specialists are able to loan you a machine for the duration of the repairs. This is generally the case if your copiers cannot be repaired on site and must be hauled away to the workshop of the Canon repairs company.

Take time to do your homework for the most reliable services. With an ideal and professional copier repairs company, you can have an overall peace of mind as your machine is professionally catered for by experts who are masters in the trade. Read more at

What is the Diamond Doctor Fraud All About?

If you have been trying to buy diamond jewelry in Dallas, you most certainly must have heard of the Diamond Doctor fraud case that is currently ongoing and which was brought forward by the Cummings Manookian law firm on behalf of many clients who lost their money as a result of the unethical business practices of this diamond dealer.

Diamond Doctor Fraud

The case involves what is known as intentional diamond overgrading where the dealer sells cheap diamonds packaged as high value diamond jewelry with the help of bogus certificates by fraudulent grading houses some of which have been blacklisted by some diamond retailer associations for fraudulent activities.

In the case of the Diamond Doctor fraud case, the dealer was involved in the deliberate misrepresentation of the properties of the diamond in order to help him sell them at a price way above the market price of diamond of actual value. The dealer will misrepresent one or more of the 4Cs of diamond grading, namely the carats, clarity, colour and cut, as better than the real actual and true grade of the diamond. They will subsequently obtain fraudulent certificates to back it up.

Due to this practice, an unscrupulous diamond dealer is able to make mindboggling profits by misleading customers and cheating customers out of their money. Remember that a single grade difference alone in any of the 4Cs can result in thousands of dollars difference in the pricing of the diamond. When this is done on high value diamond jewelry that is worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is a significant loss of money for the customer. If you have a ruthless dealer such as the Diamond Doctor that goes on to misrepresent multiple characteristics, then for the customers, it is like buying junk. You end paying several tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of diamond jewelry that is not even worth the price difference.

The diamond overgrading scam like the one perpetrated by the Diamond Doctor fraud occurs simply out of greed and lack of ethics in business. An otherwise reputable dealer wants to multiply his profits quickly and resorts to underhand methods like overgrading in order to fleece customers out of their hard-earned cash.

This scam is also perpetrated in collusion with discredited and fraudulent diamond grading houses that get bribed to cook up the fake properties that result in customers losing their money. The bogus certificates that are issued by the fake grading houses look almost like the genuine certificates issued by the GIA but they are simply worthless piece of paper produced by criminals.

If you have saved your money over the years and feel like you are one of the victims of the Diamond Doctor fraud, you can enjoin yourself in the Diamond Doctor lawsuit and join many of the customers who are seeking restitution  after being scammed of their savings. You can also check out the Diamond Doctor Facebook profile and join the campaign to give victims justice. If you have been scammed, don’t lose hope. You can still sue and get compensation from the Diamond Doctor.

Diamond Doctor Dallas Complaint Reviews

Until a few years ago, the Diamond Doctor was the trusted Dallas jeweler known for its great variety and excellent customer service. They were even named the official jewelers of the Dallas Cowboys. Then things began to go downhill and since then, there have been an increasing number of Diamond Doctor Dallas complaints on various reviews boards. There is even an ongoing mass lawsuit targeting the company.

Diamond Doctor Dallas Complaints

Initially, the Diamond Doctor complaints were about the pressure selling tactics employed by David Blank and his team. One buyer likened it to being in a used car garage where the salesman is under pressure to close the sale. But with time, things began to take a darker turn. The Diamond Doctor Dallas complaints shifted from customer service issues to quality issues and even accusations of fraudulent behaviour.

The main issue is that the company has been accused of engaging in diamond overgrading by various customers. In the diamond trade, this is a very serious accusation. The company is being accused of selling  cheap diamonds  packaged as expensive diamonds  and it does so through misrepresentation of the true value of the diamonds that it is selling. With the help of fraudulent grading houses, it is simply altering any of the 4Cs of diamond grading and charging thousands of dollars more so that it can make maximum profit from these low value diamonds.

In a true Jekyll and Hyde fashion, the company even has a generous financing program to “help” you buy its overgraded diamonds. It is a complete rip-off for the customers who make the mistake of buying their diamonds from this dealer.

According to the Diamond Doctor Dallas complaints, the company’s tactic is to bombard you with information about its diamonds and marketing and branding information. They will tell you that they are Dallas Cowboys official jeweler-their biggest selling point-and that their pricing is slightly lower than those of their competitors but they spend less time in discussing the diamond and why you are paying so much for it. One customer even describes in a complaint review: Diamond Doctor owner David Blank even gave him business cards that he could give to his friends to recommend the business before he had even made up his mind to purchase the diamond in question and he found this pressure selling tactic employed by the company highly inappropriate. It is like they were trying to hide something.

Another of the Diamond Doctor Dallas complaints is that customers felt backed into a corner. So even in situations where they felt that they needed some time to make up their minds on whether they to buy the diamonds, the impression was created by David Blank and his assistants that they had to act first and buy the same day.

Some of the information offered by David conflicted with what some of his assistants told customers such as the information on the warranty for the diamond.

Too much gimmicks and now an overgrading scandal that is now a court case. It is the story of Diamond Doctor and how lack of business ethics can sink the reputation of an otherwise good business.

Diamond Doctor: The Backstory of an Overgrading Lawsuit

Ever heard of the Diamond Doctor scam? Back in 2002, a new jeweler went into business called the Diamond Doctor. They sold large loose diamonds as well as extravagant multiple carat engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. The business built up a stellar reputation and even got the Dallas Cowboys working with them. The business was on the rise and doing incredibly well until things went downhill in the last year. The Diamond Doctor lawsuit news was all over the media and owner David Blank was in the hot seat over an overgrading scandal.

Diamond Doctor Scam

Why is Diamond Doctor Dallas TX being sued?

 David Blank Diamond Doctor owner, is being accused of selling diamonds that run up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for much more than they are actually worth. This is not just a normal up-charging a business has to do to cover cost of operating, profit, taxes, and other expenses.

The Diamond Doctor scam is about deliberate misinformation of buyers in order to charge them premium rates. It is about selling to customers diamonds that they have been told are higher on the diamond grading scale than they actually are.  Diamond Doctor has been found to use now closed International diamond grading houses to do their grading. The EGL or European Gemological Laboratory is one such disreputable business.

When you send them a diamond to be graded, you have the option to take the certificate or not. If you do not like the grade you get, you just pay a smaller amount and EGL ups it a bit. So how many bad grades would they be handing out? Not as many as they should. If it is not by the GIA, do not trust the grade that your diamond has. Take it and get it inspected all over again by a different jeweler and get a completely objective grade. There are reviews all over the Internet of real customers who have been scammed and ripped off by the Diamond Doctor scam.

Diamond Doctor Dallas Owner Bribes Lawyer

 Some people believed in Diamond Doctor innocence. David Blank had more people on his side until the shocking news story came out recently. David Blank tried to bribe a lawyer. He got caught red-handed on a one minute and 44 second tape that makes it very hard to believe he is innocent. You can hear him offering an unnamed lawyer 2.5 million dollars to make this situation go away. See Pissed Consumer.

The unidentified lawyer never shows any interest at all. He only tries to tell Blank no repeatedly and clearly on the tape. Blank is friendly at first and offers to do monthly payments over a few years to retain the lawyer services. The lawyer is getting obviously more uncomfortable by the second and finally tells Blank that he does not know him and does not want to represent him. You then hear David Blank tell him to think about it and that it is not a negotiation.

Get help if you have been ripped off

 If you have been ripped off by the Diamond Doctor you can get help. There are others going through the same thing you are. More details here

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds cost a lot of money and the last thing you want is to throw thousands of dollars down the drain on a piece of diamond that is really not worth the value. There are unscrupulous of diamond dealers who will go to great lengths to rip you off including issuing fake GIA certificates. You have probably heard of the Diamond Doctor scam where David Blank the manager of Diamond Doctor sells overgraded diamonds to buyers at exorbitant costs! In order to avoid getting ripped off, it is important to understand some of the common mistakes made by buyers.

Not all diamonds are the same

Many first time buyers assume that diamond is “simply diamond”. They will assume that all diamonds that have the same cut grade, colour and clarity are similar but that is not the case. There have been advances in the GIA cut grading system although it is still largely based on the lab measurements. As a result, diamonds that are at the high end of the cut grades will still have a wide variation in how beautiful they look. Diamonds with the same cut grade will have a price differential because even if they have the same cut grade, they will not handle light the same way.

Don’t rely too much on the certificate

Not all information about the diamond that you are planning to purchase is on the GIA certificate. This is why David Blank is able to pull off the Diamond Doctor Scam because too many people rely wholly on the certificates, which can be forged, to determine the value of diamond.  Even diamond experts cannot rely on the numbers alone to determine if the stone has been well cut. Diamond cutters are generally able to employ cutting techniques that will make the diamond look very good on paper.


Also, the diamond certificate omits important composition material. While some of the material can be grainy, it is the crystal diamond that is the most desirable and has the best value.

Not all diamond retailers are expert gemologists

There are no state requirements or certifications required for someone to sell diamonds. You just have to be an entrepreneur and hopefully an ethical one. Diamond Doctor performed heinous crimes in innocent consumers by exploiting this to target unsuspecting consumers. Sometimes, it is important to ask about the credentials of the diamond seller. For example, what are their GIA credentials?

Lab Grading is not always accurate

It is important to note that lab grading is not always accurate and can easily be exploited by unscrupulous traders. The Diamond Doctor Scam preys on the fact that lab grading is not sacrosanct and takes advantage of that to overgrade its diamond. Increasing the grade of the diamond by  2 to 5 points considerably increases the profit margins of unscrupulous jewelers like Diamond Doctor. Diamond Doctor is a terrible business that misgrades and mislabels its diamond duping consumers that are getting bargains on diamond while in the real sense, they are buying a really low-grade piece of diamond jewelry.

When you are shopping for diamond, it is important to understand the labs and retailers that you should avoid in order to avoid getting ripped off in the process.

For more inquiries, check out Diamond Doctor Dallas Texas or visit

Basic Steps Involved in Downloading the HP Drivers

It is a very difficult task to find the right driver for your device, and that fits your needs. There are many software companies that employ a team of technicians who attach new drivers to people’s collection every day. The HP driver download can be selected by choosing the exact model of your respective device, as it is difficult for some people to get the drivers for their laptops.

HP driver download

It is very essential that the formatting of the computer be done properly, so that the driver can be found easily by visiting the website of Hewlett Packard for it to be downloaded. Canon driver download is also accessible easily through various websites, and the software can be installed on your computer.

 Important Steps for Changing the User’s Account Settings

 The setting of any account of a user can be changed on your computer. However, for that it is necessary to have administrative rights to modify the settings. First of all, start menu on the task bar must be clicked, and then control panel must be selected. The next step is to click on the icon of the user account in the control panel by which a dialog box will come into view. Now the account required to be changed can be clicked for change of settings and the following changes like change of name, password, picture and account type in the account information can be changed.

 Need for Maintenance

It is very important that the HP driver is maintained and kept updated on a customary basis, as it is an essential part of your computer, if you own an HP. A driver is regarded as the software behind every piece of hardware set up like the sound cards, graphic cards and the printers. The HP driver download must be performed properly, as without it, any hardware attached to your central processing unit will not at all function properly. The main reason behind error messages occurring is because of the use of corrupt drivers that are outdated.

Not only that, one can also perform the task of Lexmark driver download using a CD. The download can be done for free from the website as well.

 The main purpose of downloading the latest driver is to resolve the problems with your drivers instantly by scanning your computer. The benefits that can be gained by updating the drivers include attaining faster Internet connection as well as download speed, better performance of PC applications and games, and smooth running of PC devices like printers and scanners.

 It is equally important to find the right driver for using a Xerox printer. However, in case you are not aware of the same then all you need to do is look for a firm which offers services of Xerox printer repairs. These firms can be contacted for guidance on any printer problems to get better performance as technical issues can create disturbance in the printing tasks. Also, the task of HP driver download for your printer requires a certain USB connection. In addition, it also includes management of printer software as well as a complete feature driver. If you have any queries regarding download of drivers, then you can gain information from the website.

Cloud Down Under: Best Mobile Application Developers in Australia

Cloud Down Under has been on the forefront of cutting-edge mobile application development and developing solutions for the Australian businesses online, gathering an experience of over 10 years. In those ten years they have learned the ropes of e-commerce and have refined their products thoroughly, making them the best in the market.  They have mastered the art of designing tailor-made applications and websites that will easily facilitate monetary transactions such as buying and selling, interacting with current or potential customers or any other precise or tailored purpose. Mobile usage, especially android and iOS powered smart phones, has been on the rise in recent years and over seventy percent of the Australian population possesses either and android or iOS powered device.  Hence it is imperative that businesses take this opportunity to integrate this into their marketing strategy in order to get the competitive edge over their competitors. Cloud Down Under, the android and iphone app developers Brisbane, has just the right solutions for a full on marketing campaign via the mobile devices platform using applications that are tailor made.


 What do they offer?

The android and iphone app developers Brisbane offer very many services that are geared towards making businesses in Australia have a stronger relationship with their clients and hence establishing their brand. They offer the following services:

  • Mobile apps development

They offer the best mobile applications that will smoothly run on both the android and ios operating systems. Only Cloud Down Under can be trusted with high quality, highly efficient and engaging mobile applications. It is no doubt that the city of Brisbane has very many application developers but when it comes to top-tier android app builders and iphone app developers, none can be placed in the same league as those in Cloud Down Under. The team of app development experts will gather all the relevant information that the customer would want to be included in their app and then design and build from scratch a top of the line application.  The mobile application development may be based on the full website or on a whole new concept. The design will be very user friendly and attractive; in order to keep the customer fully engaged. The mobile application will also have a fully functional e-commerce feature if required.

  • Mobile websites

The mobile application developers have also mastered the art of mobile website design. It is hard to convert a full web site into a mobile site that has all the necessary functions that your full website had. This especially affects the e-commerce websites. The mobile website created will have a fully functional and secured e-commerce feature if required.

The benefits of using the best android and iphone app developers Brisbane

  • The use of mobile applications and websites will ensure that a business has the ability to easily reach a larger audience and hence establish their brand by their enhanced and aggressive online presence.
  • It will enable the company to build a longer stronger relationship with their current clients.
  • It will enable a company to easily attract repeat business from current clients and attract new clients too.
  •  Using a mobile application will give the customer an easier option of using a more convenient yet safe point of sale that is not your actual physical store.

For more inquiries, just visit

Choosing an Appropriate Printer Repairs Service

Just before you make the decision of hiring a technician for your work, it will do you a lot of good if you bear some factors in mind so as to assist you in getting the best services. There are different and numerous brands of printers and many of them require regular servicing by a specialist. For example, the HP Designjet repairs require special attention from qualified experts who are well-trained and factory certified to carry out the job.

The HP Designjet repairs specialists must have good familiarity with the various models as well as access to top quality parts that will boost your printer performance. If you are working with an HP Gold Partner, then you will be standing on very solid ground. If you are looking for professional HP Designjet repairs or Kyocera repairs experts, there are various important tips that you need to keep in mind in order to find the right person for the job.


One of the important factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing a printer repairs specialist is the experience of the technician. Choose Kyocera printer repairs technicians that have been in the industry for quite some time and who have built a certain degree of familiarity over the past few years with your printer model and common problems that require attention. This will reduce the downtimes required to carry out printer repairs as well as the cost of repairing the printers.

This ensures that you do not give out your repairs to incompetent technicians who are not sure of their own capabilities or those who are unfamiliar with printer makes and models. Therefore, if you have Kyocera printers in your firm, for instance, your Kyocera printer repairs need to be done and conducted by experts who are familiar with Kyocera printer brand.

Proper Licensing

Make sure that the specialists that are handling your repairs are licensed to operate. Licensing for printer repairs come with certain obligations including qualifications, competence and good professional conduct that will be a boon for your business. Always keep in mind that your Kyocera printer repairs need to be conducted by experts. Also, make sure that they are insured and have a warranty or guarantee for their printer repairs services.


Cost considerations should be uppermost on your mind. All business people work hard in order to cut down on costs and you should be no exceptional when you are looking for HP Designjet repairs or Kyocera repairs. Whatever service you choose should be affordable. Read in between the lines in order to ensure there will be no last-minute price surprises once the job is complete.


Other important factors which you should consider are the recommendations or testimonials by customers of the technicians or specialists that you want to hire.  Go to a specialist that is highly regarded by the members of the public as being the best, and recommended by them and who has earned trust with their high-quality services.


The location is also an important consideration when you are looking for a printer repairs specialist. This will not only cut cost on transportation, but it will also help to know their level of trust and reputation quickly. Hence, for instance, if your company is in Sydney, you should be able to get same day Repairs service and maintenance Sydney and metro.

Having all the tips listed above in mind will go a long way in assisting you to select a suitable Printer repair expert.


Benefits of Carrying Out Partial Discharge Testing

If you work with high voltage equipment in any industry, it is important to have a basic idea of what partial discharge is and to know the steps you can take to arrest it at an early age.

To begin with, partial discharge (PD) is an electrical explosion that takes place in a localized area in the insulation system. It usually occurs between two conducting electrodes without completely sealing the gap. The process is harmful, especially if it goes undetected and reaches a level where it causes complete disruption of power.

As other people, you may wonder what actually causes partial discharge in high voltage electrical applications. Well, the process often takes place because of imperfections and discontinuities in the electrical flow. Once it starts, partial discharge can escalate into electrical trees and surface tracking, ultimately causing a total disruption in the entire system.

Based on the type of imperfection and discontinuity in the insulation system, it can take between a few hours and several years to notice a complete failure. It is also important to know that some types of discharges are dangerous, especially the ones that occur in polymeric cables and other cable accessories. On the other hand, some discharges can remain harmless such as corona that takes place in high voltage overhead networks.

To discover issues related to partial discharge in various high voltage applications, reliable partial discharge test equipment is necessary for effective partial discharge measurement. Professionals with adequate knowledge and experience in partial discharge testing should carry out this process to ensure proper diagnosis.

The goal of online PD testing is to determine if there is any disruption in the insulation system by conducting proper partial discharge analysis. The diagnostic testing also helps uncover the difference between various types of partial discharge that can take place in the system. Once detected, the best action to take is to notify a specialist from a certified company dealing with partial discharge testing and monitoring.

In Australia, the best company to approach for PD issues is Live HV, a renowned company offering lasting solutions problems related to partial discharge. With their innovative PD diagnostic equipment, they are able to detect the problem as early as possible and offer appropriate solution, which makes them a preferred company for partial discharge testing and monitoring for many clients in Australia.

Some of the services you can expect from Live HV include the following:

·         Cable PD testing

·         PD mapping for cables

·         Switchgear PD testing and monitoring

·         Partial discharge testing for motors and generators

·         PD testing for transformers

·         Thermal imaging services

Partial discharge monitoring is an important process in the life of high voltage equipment. Performed by a specialist from a recognized company, PD testing and monitoring is a bold step to control disruption mishaps that can be very costly in the end. The specialists have the tools necessary to carry out the process effectively. Besides, they are able to offer appropriate advice as required.

Owing to its reputation, Live HV has landed many jobs recently including cable testing at a wind farm, long-shot testing unit, and permanent continuous monitors among others.

Benefits of Proper Computer Maintenance

Proper maintenance of computers essentially ensures that their performance is optimal, as well as prolonging their durability. There are two forms of computer maintenance, namely physical cleaning and “virtual computer” cleaning. The virtual computer is comprised of system files, programs and documents among others. Some of the benefits to be derived from proper HP service include:

Enhanced Security

It is important to create a password for your computer to avoid unwanted people interfering with your data or mess up the settings in your computer.

Data integrity maintenance

You should regularly check your hard drive for errors, at least once in a few weeks. Continuous usage of data leads to fragmentation of data across the hard drive. A computer sees data in bits which slows down the computer and the only way to avoid or control this is by defragging, which is technically ordering the hard drive to put these bits together. A wholesome file is essentially faster, which could also speed up the other components of your computer.

Virus protection

Installing an antivirus program will essentially protect your computer. While there are so many such programs, only one is needed but you have to make sure it is up to date. Updating an antivirus program will help eliminate viruses which are created and acquired everyday as you use your computer. Consult an HP service expert to optimise your HP equipment.

Updating programs

Some programs are usually try outs. The builders may find weakness in their programs which they enhance as they develop programs. It is therefore important to keep updated programs for they are usually enhanced and developed for better performance.

Clearing unnecessary files and temps

A copy of every web page you visit is kept for easier access. This fills up your storage space, but it can be controlled by clearing your internet history and cookies. Downloaded files need to be cleared, every time you download an application and then install it the downloaded file remains which decreases your free space and you most probably might not need it any longer.

Emptying the recycle bin

When you delete something from a computer, it does not completely disappear. It is sent to the recycle bin where it is stored until you empty the recycle bin or until it gets automatically emptied. It is much important to review the recycle bin before you empty it, as you may delete some important data.

Creating Back ups

Hiring professionals dealing in repairs service Sydney has today will ensure that all your critical files are backed up regularly. Data can be backed up in the internet, jump drives or in discs, among other programs that allow you to back up data. Data backup helps in easier recovery if a program is uninstalled or deleted.


There are several ways of cleaning a computer, including internal and external cleaning. Internal cleaning involves dusting the CPU using a blower. On the other hand, external cleaning involves cleaning the peripherals. Such include the keyboard, mouse and the monitor, which can be cleaned with a cloth. You will also want to clean the computer tower inside and outside while making sure that the vents are cleaned. The surge protector should also be cleaned properly.

From the foregoing, it is apparent that proper maintenance of your computer is extremely vital in prolonging its usable life while enhancing its functions. It is therefore important that you regularly hire an HP service technician to clean your HP machine appropriately. If you are looking for same day repairs Sydney has today, including LaserJet printer repair, go to

For more details visit