7 Good Reasons Why You Should Reinforce Concrete in Your Building Project

Concrete is a composite material that works better with compression than with tension. However, modern engineers have solved this problem by using a reinforcing mesh in concrete, making the result material more functional and reliable to be used in construction. So, what are the perks that you can get from reinforcing concrete in your building project?

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1. Resistance to High-Stress Environments

Reinforcing concrete for your building will make sure that you will eliminate all the performance flaws that plain concrete has. This is very important when you are constructing in high-stress environments that are prone to experiencing natural disasters, like tornadoes and earthquakes. Especially when integrated with concrete sealing, reinforced concrete will ensure that your walls and floors will be durable and resistant.

2. Flexibility

While it is incredibly strong, concrete that is reinforced with steel is also flexible. In fact, building experts say that the material offers a high level of elasticity that you can deform it without having to worry about serious consequences. For your project, this flexibility will help reduce tension in your structure’s foundation while it takes shape.

3. Ability to Mould Concrete into Any Shape

Creating concrete with reinforcing mesh will allow you to mould it into a range of shapes, which is great when you are working on artistic or architectural components, such as domes and arcs. Basically, you can just use the reinforcing steel as a framework for a variety of geometric and abstract designs.

4. High Resistance to Fire and Other Weather Elements

Reinforced concrete has high resistance against fire and harsh weather. Basically, it does not catch fire nor affected by outdoor elements, such as rainfall and snow. Of course, products, like a concrete floor sealer, are also needed to ensure best protection and long life.

5. Less Labour Requirement

By using reinforcing materials, you will require less amount of labour during your construction project, as the steel frameworks already come prefabricated. All you need to do is pour the fluid concrete mix into them, let the concrete dry, and then use it to build the structure.

6. Lower Costs on Repairs and Maintenance

As reinforcing steel mesh gives concrete long-lasting quality, repair and maintenance costs of using your building will be as low as possible. Once your building stands, it will surely be able to stand the test of time.

7. Energy Efficiency

According to research, houses and commercial buildings that were constructed using reinforced concrete use around 30% and 40% less energy, respectively, to cool and warm up than wooden buildings. Typically, buildings with reinforced concrete framing systems have higher thermal resistance and insulating values. So, in this world where sustainability has become so important, it is best to adopt this construction method.

Without a doubt, reinforcing concrete in your building project offers great benefits. Aside from providing your structure the durability, strength, and resiliency that it needs, this technique protects against all the elements that threaten its integrity and lets you save on your entire project. Now, for quality reinforcing mesh and other concrete products, visit www.bestbar.com.au.