10 Incredibly Surprising Ways You Can Use Cable Ties at Home

Are you thinking about starting your newest DIY project? Why not use cable ties for a change. You probably have heard of these before. You may have even used them for organising electric cords into neat bundles.


cable ties


However, do you know that you can use them in other surprisingly different ways? Incredibly cheap and highly effective, these household items are every homeowner’s practical solution for almost anything. Check out below to see which of these has been a bother to you.

1. Broken toilet handles

Do you have a toilet handle that has been long broken? You do not have to resort to expensive repair services. All you just need is a few cable ties to reattach the chain in no time.

2. Drooping plants

Gardening is a fun, yet challenging, hobby. One big challenge most horticulturists and garden hobbyists face is keeping their plants in upright position. Cucumbers, tomatoes, roses, and young plants may droop a lot. However, you can quickly solve this problem by securing these plants with steggel ties.

3. Messy holiday décor

Celebrate the holidays without having to deal with the messed up strings of Christmas lights all over the floor. Arrange them in neat, straight lines with Australian cable ties. Voila! You no longer have to deal with a knotted mess at the end of the Yuletide season.

4. Sneaky child’s hands

Keep your little kids safe by stacking away everything that is harmful in a safe place. You do not want their sneaky hands to get a hold of the sharps and chemicals. To add to the security, keep the cabinet closed around the handles with this fastener.

5. Damaged wire basket

Do not throw your gaping wire basket yet. You can still salvage it by replacing the missing wires with zap traps.

6. Pickpockets

Keep thieving felons at bay and secure your belongings with the cable ties in Australia. Use these specialty fasteners to tie two zipper pulls securely. This will serve as a deterrent for pickpockets and muggers especially when you are travelling out of town.

7. Loose buttons

Shirt buttons may become loose anytime and anywhere. If this happens, you may be in for an embarrassing experience. However, you do not have to pull out your sewing kit wherever you are. Simply, keep the buttons in place with wire tie for the meantime. Do the sewing when you get home instead.

8. Missing zipper pulls

Do you have an old pair of pants with missing zipper pulls? Wear these again by making a creative use of cable ties. Just attach one to the zipper and you are done!

9. Broken necklaces

It would be a shame that you no longer can wear a necklace because the clasp is broken. Nonetheless, this could be fixed quickly by looping a zip tie through both sides and affixing it in place securely.

10. Shambolic flower arrangement

Do you like to keep your house pretty? Well, arranging flowers in a vase is typically easy – that is if you have the gift. For beginners though, you can tie fasteners around the stems to keep the flowers in the arrangement you want. But remember not to make it too tight for the plants.

You can add more practical solutions to this list when you have access to the best cable ties in Australia. Just be inventive and creative about finding ways of fixing and resolving common household problems. For other DIY supplies and high-grade industrial materials, check out online retailers, such as Trade Warehouse Direct, for an outstanding one-stop shopping experience. More details at https://tradewarehouse.com.au/cable-ties-clips.html