Maintaining Cable, Rope, and Chain with Cable Lubricants

Wire ropes play an important role in machines and equipment as they support large tensile forces, act as rails, and used as a harness for different kinds of merchandise. But without installation maintenance, machine failure can happen anytime. The rope’s role is to operate over sheaves to create a traction, as without any traction there will be no friction between the ropes and the sheave. Like most machine parts, wire ropes also need cable lubricant to ensure that they’re working properly. Cable lubricants help cable run smoothly over the conduit during a cable installation to prevent possible damage. If there is too much friction, the cable jacket can be damaged and it may also affect its performance.

Two Types of Wire Rope Lubricants

In wire rope lubrication, it is important to know what it is for and how it should be used. Here are two types of cable lubricants to keep you in the know:

1.         Coating lubricants

This type of lubricant seals the outside of the cable from moisture and by preventing deterioration from contact with external particles.

2.         Penetrating lubricants

This type of lubricant goes to the core of the cable and protects each strand of wire.

During the manufacturing of wire ropes, a lubricant is already applied to prevent damage. But once it is in use, you should think about applying cable lubricant to minimize the wear in wire ropes. Read more at TEN The Energy Network

Field Lubrication to Maintain the Service Life of the Ropes

Unlike before, they use large sheaves in machines wherein maintenance is not really an option. In today’s world, engineers use small diameter sheaves to increase the traction and are much more exposed to moisture. This can be a threat as it can dry out the ropes, that is why it is important to have a field lubrication to extend your rope’s life. Field lubrication is necessary to:

•          Reduce the friction between the wires

•          Minimize abrasion from the atmosphere

When to Apply Lubrication to the Rope Wire?

The best way to check its condition is to wipe your fingers on the rope. It should show you a slippery oil, but if it doesn’t have any visible form of oil, then you need to lubricate it. There’s plenty of cable lubricant in Australia, all you need is the best cable lubricant to keep the machine performing.

Prevent Corrosion from Taking over the Ropes

As stated above, wire ropes are lubricated during manufacturing. But it won’t assure you a long-lasting effect. If you need a lubricant cable, it is best to choose a product that has enough strength to stick on the rope and can penetrate between its wires and strands. The best lubricant cable can be found on this website

Nobody can determine the remaining strength of a rope once it has already been eroded but with proper maintenance with cable lubricant, it will prevent your wire from corrosion and rust. TEN, The Energy Network in Australia, provides you with all types of lubricants that you need. Check out HTTPS://WWW.TENGROUP.COM.AU/PRODUCTS/J-128