Factors to Consider when Hiring a Concrete Mixer

With hundreds of buildings being constructed, roads and other structures, the need for a concrete mixer is getting high each day. A concrete mixer is a machine that combines cement and other components like gravel or sand and water to form a concrete. A concrete mixer can be a large one or a small one. This depends on the amount of concrete that is required at the construction site. There can be a mini mix concrete truck and a max concrete truck. A mini mix concrete truck tows small mixers. These small mixers mix small quantities of concrete. It is good to note that most mini mix trucks are designed for a contractor who has grown tired of paying the big concrete companies for small loads. Concrete mixers have been in the use for some time now. It is therefore good to know the factors that you should take into considerations when hiring a concrete mixer. Below are some factors that you should consider.


Concrete mixers come in different sizes. When you are having a large project, then you will be required to have a big mixer which will make your work easier. Big concrete mixers use diesel fuel and you can maneuver easily with them at the construction site. Though they come in different models, some can mix as much as one hundred and ten liters, in as little as 6 minutes. When you are having small sized projects, you will have to get the right size. A good example of a small mixer is a tip-up concrete mixer. Whether a big concrete batching plant or a small tip-up concrete mixer, they are all made to reduce the amount of labor and thus the cost of construction reduces.

Hiring fee

It is important that you take into consideration the amount of fee you are being charged. You may find one mobile concrete batch plant is expensive than another, but they are of different sizes. It is advisable that you shop around so that you can get a proper place with the best price. When you get the best price for your mixer, you will avoid debts and unnecessary addition of money that you had not even planned for into the project. You should never consider buying a mixer if you are a house owner. It is quite expensive.

Choose the right technology

Concrete mixers come in different types. This is mainly on their mixing plant units. There is the automatic, semi-automatic and manual one. The three have different types of mixing concrete. These types are selected according to the amount of work that the project  is involved in. When you have a small project, then a manual concrete mixer is best. For large projects like roads, the automatic or semi-automatic are the best suited. The type of technology that you will prefer will therefore depend on the amount of work at the project site.

MDR Combined Services Concrete mixers are good when it comes to construction. When you think of hiring a mixer including mini mix concrete considerations, it is good to consider the above factors.