Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Plasterer

Putting up a commercial building in Sydney is undoubtedly a costly venture. You’d want everything done perfectly by possibly the best contractors Sydney can ever offer. When it comes to plastering, you need to make your choices very wisely. You do not want to entrust your building on a rogue plasterer who is out ripping unsuspecting owners of commercial buildings. Try not to fall victim to such a plasterer making sure you hire a quality and genuine commercial plasterer Sydney could have. So how can you tell that a plasterer you found in the internet or in the local paper, or was referred by a friend is going to do exactly what you are looking for? The following tips will help you choose the very best commercial plasterer Sydney can ever offer.


Experience is a great asset when it comes to plastering work. A good plasterer will have experience in all types of projects, mostly domestic and commercial. An experienced plastering contractor has most likely dealt with all kinds of hiccups that can occur in such projects. Thus, if such problems occur during your project, they will be dealt with efficiently and swiftly. This will in turn save you money and time. Due to their broad experience, they will recommend other quality tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians, as well, for your project.


The next important thing to look for is what qualification your plasterer has. You don’t want to end up with an unqualified or “cowboy builder” who has not acquired the least kind of training in plastering. To avoid this, ask your plasterer to show their academic credentials. Make sure that they have attained training which is in conjunction with the leading industry bodies.


The best way to know a plasterer’s reputation is by listening or reading what past clients have to say about them. The best plastering firms have multiple customer feedbacks and testimonials. Check their web page for these testimonials. You may also request the company for contact information of previous clients. A reputable plastering company will be glad and willing to provide references. If they hesitate to provide, walk away and look for another option.

Customer Service

One of the main things you want when dealing with a commercial plastering contractor is having a good rapport. You want to hire a commercial plasterer Sydney offers who has excellent customer care services. How does he communicate with his clients? Is he prompt in answering phone calls? Does he get to appointments on time? Is he respectful? Make sure you hire a plasterer who has a flexible approach and is friendly. This goes a long way in establishing a trusted relationship.


Hire a plasterer with insurance. Ideally, a commercial plasterer is required to have work compensation and general liability insurance. So, what does this mean to you? If something goes wrong on your project, for instance, if a contractor is injured, their medical/hospital bills will be covered by the workman compensation insurance. If it rains and water leaks inside the building and destroys the plaster, you will have some recourse to have the damage fixed by the liability insurance of the contractor.