What to Expect During Building and Pest Inspection

Are you planning to buy a house? Before you do, make sure you have a professional inspect the entire property. More often than not, a house that you thought was picture-perfect might have a few nasty surprises when you have it inspected. You should organize inspection with the best building and pest inspection North Brisbane has to offer so you can save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.

A building inspection is designed to provide a current report on the status of the property. You will be able to use that inspection report through North Brisbane building and pest inspection professionals to 1) make the final bid for the property and 2) to know what type of repair and maintenance job is required. It is important to arm yourself with this knowledge rather than wake up one day that your house is in a major state of degradation. At this point, the cost of repairing your home would be too big for you to handle.

There are two types of building and pest inspection in 360 Building And Pest Inspections: inside and outside. Conducting both types of inspection will guarantee that you have thoroughly examined the entire property.

For the inside inspection, a building and pest inspection North Brisbane company will conduct most of these things:

  • Check the walls for cracks, especially those hidden by wallpaper;
  • Look for signs of dampness in the walls and floors;
  • Check the ceilings for possible mold formation;
  • Examine the framework to see possible signs of rusting;
  • Check the condition of the windows;
  • Look at the plumbing systems if there are any leaks or if the drainage is working properly;
  • Look for potential signs of damage on the doors;
  • Conduct test on the electrical systems and phone lines.

When the inside of the house is inspected, the inspection will move to the outside. Here are a few of the tests to be expected for your house:

  • Check the fencing and gates to make sure the structure is stable and sturdy;
  • Look for any large trees and branches that might fall off the roof of your house causing damage over time;
  • Check for any rotting timber within the lawn or roots of nearby trees that could cause damage;
  • Assess the condition of the external walls if they are still durable;
  • Check the external structures of the house (such as pergolas or decks) if they meet local zoning and building requirements;
  • Inspect the property for any potential fire hazards like exposed cable wires, and so on;
  • Check the condition of the roofing system;
  • Assess the property if there are any signs of pest infestation and determine the type of pests (if any).

Once the report comes back from the building and pest inspection North Brisbane company, you can look at the findings and make your decision from there. You can also seek their professional advice when it comes to evaluating the report. Is the condition of the property minor enough for you to handle the repairs if needed? Or will the cost of repair be too much? You would be unable to make this decision if you lack the information available through inspection. Visit http://360buildingandpestinspections.com.au/.